TDP Leader Paritala Sunita Politicising My Issue, Raptadu ASHA Worker Anita

TDP Leader Paritala Sunita Politicising My Issue, Raptadu ASHA Worker Anita - Sakshi Post

ANANTAPUR: "I committed suicide out of fear of losing my job. No one threatened me. Do not politicize this further. It is rather unfortunate that Telugu Desam Party (TDP)  leader Paritala Sunita is politicizing this, ” lamented Kapadam Anita, an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker from M. Cherlopalli village in Raptadu constituency.

Speaking to reporters at Raptadu in Anantapur district, she clarified as to why she had attempted suicide. Anita said that she was working as an  ASHA worker for the past ten years. Few TDP  local leaders in her village had created fear in her that she would lose her job and out of fear of losing her job, she attempted suicide by consuming poison, she stated.

After which she was rushed to the Government General Hospital in Anantapur for treatment. However, former minister and TDP leader Paritala Sunita came to the hospital to meet her out of sympathy. But she later tried to use this event for political gains. Anita expressed anguish over the TDP leader trying to use her as a pawn for her own political mileage. The victim also clarified that she was not subjected to harassment by the YSRCP leaders which was falsely claimed. She requested that this matter should be put to an end and be politicised further, she lamented.

The former TDP minister Paritala Sunita tried to make allegations against the Government over the alleged suicide of Anita. Circle Inspector Vijayabhaskar on Tuesday had revealed the truth behind the whole episode of the Asha worker's suicide attempt.

Anita had complained to the police about sexual harassment in her village. It is learned, however, that she deliberately lodged a complaint against four YSRCP activists. Police registered a case and investigated the matter and stated that Anita's case turned was a  drama during the preliminary investigation itself. There was no sexual harassment against her and  CI Vijayabhaskar said that Anita was under the impression that she would lose her job and had filed the case under political pressure. It was also revealed that there was no evidence found over the allegations of sexual harassment against her by the activists and it seemed more like a political conspiracy in the case.

Raptadu YSRCP MLA Topudurthi Prakash Reddy said that it is unfortunate that the TDP chose to politicize the Cherlopalli Asha Worker incident to gain political advantage through such false allegations. He said that Anita fell into the TDP trap. He said that in the wake of the recent Panchayat, MPTC and ZPTC elections, the TDP was trying to revive its waning fortunes and used this incident for mileage, he fired.

The YSRCP MLA said that though three FIRs have been registered against Paritala Sriram, even after Sriram admitted that he had vandalized the statue of Dr YSR, no arrests have been made so far. The MLA said that he had faith in the law which would take its own recourse. The development of the constituency and public welfare were the main objectives of the Party, he stated.

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