Story Of Pregnant Jaipur Mayor Somya Gurhar Working Till Baby Delivery Is Major Inspiration

 - Sakshi Post

Somya Gurjar entered into politics as a women commission member. She is the most beautiful face of Jaipur politics and the first mayor of Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation. Being a woman she has set an example not only for other women but for every person to be responsible. Many people make excuses to work in their normal working hours, but she works hard for so long hours even after her office hours.

In this course of life even when carrying a child in her womb she has been working for late hours. Usually, women take maternity leave from the month of seven or starting of nine till the time of delivery of the child. Can you believe she was working even on her due date of delivery; it is half-past 12 midnight on Wednesday she was admitted to the hospital to deliver a baby boy on Thursday morning at 5:14 am.

Mayor Dr. Somya Gurjar delivered a baby boy on Thursday morning. She has truly proved to be brave to be working until she gave birth. In a post on Twitter, Somya Gurjar shared the news. This is her second child.

Somya Gurjar quoted that she was busy with a meeting at Nigam office till late night on Wednesday. She was admitted to Cocoon Hospital in Jaipur after midnight for delivery.

Yes indeed "Work is worship!" maybe not for all, except for people like Somya Gurjar. People like her needed in society to raise the banner of work, "both baby and I are fine," Somya Gurjar said in her post.

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