Siddaramaiah Dubs Anti-Cow Slaughter Bill Harsh And Unscientific

 - Sakshi Post

Siddaramaiah of the opposition party in Karnataka spoke on the Anti-Cow slaughter bill. He said that it is harsh and unscientific. It is also against the interest of the farmers.

Karnataka was the latest addition to the list of BJP ruled states to put the anti-cattle slaughter Bill in action. The law includes cows, bulls, bullocks, calves and also male and female buffaloes. Before Karnataka, it was BJP-led Maharashtra state that put anti-slaughter legislation.

Siddaramaiah said that this decision will lead to communal tensions. BJP is not seeing other things, but only their political benefit. If BJP was genuinely interested , they should have instituted socio-economic study. The report could have been presented in front of the public for their opinion before taking the decision.

There should be one single law for the entire country. This law should include Kerala and North Eastern States as well. He continued saying that the farmers cannot pay for cattle maintenance for a long period. The unproductive cattle should be bought by the government or reimburse the farmers to look after these cattle.

Farmers generally sell their cattle upon drought or other problems. According to the bill, if the farmer has to wait for the cow or any other cattle to come of 13 years age, how will they wait. The cattle generally become unproductive after 9-10 years. How will a farmer take care of the livestock for the rest of years before selling it?

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