Senior Jana Sena Party Leader Madasu Gangadharam Quits, Says Pawan Kalyan Leaning Towards TDP

Senior Jana Sena Party Leader Madasu Gangadharam Quits, Says Pawan Kalyan Leaning Towards TDP - Sakshi Post

Former MLC, Jana Sena Party senior leader, and Chairman of the party Election Screening Committee Madasu Gangadharam resigned from the party on Sunday. Expressing his dissatisfaction over the Party High Command's ways of treating seniors, in his resignation letter, he said that they were not valued in the party fold.

Madasu Gangadharam released a three-page letter citing reasons for his resignation and the way the party was functioning.

He also said that the party chief Pawan Kalyan's decisions are being made in such a way that they appear to be in favour of the TDP. He stated that Pawan Kalyan never refuted the propaganda and this has led to the notion that his silence is deemed as acceptance by him,  which is what everyone now believes.

Gangadharan said that he had joined the Jana Sena three years ago due to the ties he had for Pawan Kalyan’s father Konidela Venkat Rao and his brother Chiranjeevi. Although he was respected at first he explained that he was ignored later. He also said that many seniors in the party were ignored and had become silent after the treatment meted out to them in the Party.

The former MLC  further stated that the Andhra Pradesh State government was being criticized for being indifferent in the YS Viveka murder case probe. How can the government interfere with a CBI probe which is operating under the Centre's jurisdiction, he questioned.

The former MLC said that the constituency of Gajuwaka, where Pawan  Kalyan contested in the General Elections had the largest number of steel plant employees. However, Pawan was unable to stand up to the cause of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant employees over the privatisation issue.

''The world of cinema is different ... The world of politics is different. I cannot work with you, who does not know the difference between the two,'' he stated.

The Jana Sena is not focusing on strengthing the party as an organization. Neither is it working as the people want it to be," he said.

Madasu Gangadharan earlier served as the Convener of the Jana Sena Party Political Affairs Committee. He is currently the Chairman of the Jana Sena Election Screening Committee.

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