Sachin Pilot-Ashok Gehlot Fight Is Far From Being Over

 - Sakshi Post

It appears that the Rajasthan ruckus in the Congress Party is far from being over. Though directly Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi intervened and ensured that the spat between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former deputy CM Sachin Pilot did not lead to a split in the party, things are not still normal.

On September 7, Sachin Pilot celebrated his birthday. Though he did not organise a massive bash in the state capital of Jaipur, he ensured that his supporters celebrated the festival in a big way. He asked his supporters not to come to Jaipur in view of Covid regulations. But at the same time, he allowed his supporters to celebrate his birthday on a grand scale. Over 300 blood donation camps were organised across the state. In all these programmes, the supporters gathered in huge numbers. This was no less than a show of strength.

Though Sachin has publicly said that he has left everything to the party high command and added that he expected them to do justice to him, he has been working hard to ensure that his supporters are in good spirits It appears Sachin is anticipating another massive showdown in the days to come.

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