Owaisi Demands Proof Of Pakistanis, Rohingya Living In Old City From BJP

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: On Monday (23 Nov) AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi challenged BJP to show him a list of rohingya that live in Hyderabad’s Old city area. After the BJP leader claimed that 40,000 rohinga were included in the voting list, Owaisi challenged them to show a list of at least 100 rohinga.

Recently Bharatiya Janata Party state Chief, Bandi Sanjay’s said that, once BJP wins the GHMC elections, he will order a surgical strike on Old city to eradicate the city of any rohinga and Pakistanis living here. Responding to this statement at a GHMC campaign meeting in Bholakpur, Owaisi demanded BJP and RSS to only talk about the city’s development. Talking about rohinga and Pakistani refugees is not of any use. What matters is, their plans for developing Hyderabad city.

Owaisi also added that, recently when Hyderabad suffered due to heavy rains and storm, the central government did not spend even a penny to help during the crisis. Also BJP hasn’t spoken on the lockdown and employment issue. When are you going to provide the public with answers for all these questions. 

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