Swami Looking To Bounce Back In BJP?

 - Sakshi Post

Remember Swami Paripurnananda ? This saffron robed seer joined the BJP two years ago. There was a lot of pomp and gaiety at his joining. He was welcomed into the party by none other than Amit Shah. But two years later, the big question is – where is Swami Paripurnananda?

The swami had high hopes on Telangana elections. He had hoped that the party would be in a strong position and that he could emerge as the front-runner of the party. But BJP ended up winning just one seat. All the constituencies where he campaigned were lost while Goshamahal was the only seat that the BJP had won. The swamy did not campaign in Goshamahal.

After this election, Paripurnananda was not seen in the party programmes and did not campaign for the party in 2019. Despite several requests from AP, Paripurnananda did not campaign in the state. After that he faded out of discussion in the public domain.

The latest about him is that he is trying to make a comeback in the BJP. He is said to be trying to meet the saffron party's national leaders. But, as the news comes out of the country's capital, the national leadership of the BJP hasn't been very enthusiastic about meeting him, at least as of now. One is not sure what this actually means, much to the discomfort of the seer.

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