No Law Prevents An MP's Arrest: YSRCP

Conspirators, instigators should be exposed : YSRCP MPs on Raghurama Krishnam Rajus Case - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: YSRCP MPs have said the conspirators and instigators behind MP Raghurama Krishnam Ŕaju should be exposed in the detailed investigation. Speaking to the media here on Monday, the leaders strongly condemned those who are advocating their support to the arrested MP.

Rajampeta YSRCP MP PV Midhun Reddy said that Chandrababu was behind Raghurama actions, under his directions, he played the drama of being assaulted by the police, soon after the bail was rejected. He said that Chandrababu Naidu has been using Raghurama’s family for politicising things and did not make such remarks or rush up with a letter even when TDP leaders were arrested. There is nowhere written that an MP should not be arrested and cleared that they can inform the speaker during the parliamentary session.

Midhun Reddy refuted Raghurama’s accusations that he was beaten by the CID police in custody and clarified that the doctors have reported to the court that no such thing happened and there were no injuries either. He said that Raghurama was putting up such dramas to mislead the case and just to avoid going to jail. He stated that it was not right for Raghurama Raju to ask for getting treated only at Ramesh Hospital and everyone knew that hospital belongs to a close associate of Chandrababu. He said that there are many other private hospitals in State and even AIIMS, where he can avail the treatment but why was he only insisting on Ramesh Hospitals.

He said that Raghurama has been given a niche position in the party, but he misused it although Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had supported the MP although there are two CBI cases against him. But this time Raghurama's remarks were meant to divide the castes and religions, provoking the sentiments of the people.

MP Balashowry said that Raghurama Krishna Raju had misused the importance given by the Chief Minister although he was elected for the first time as an MP. Being a public representative, he has left out the welfare of the people of his constituency even during the pandemic crisis and was living in Delhi for 14 months, all the way participating in TDP pro media channels to accuse the government. He said that the MP had been using abusive language against the party leaders by mimicking and making fun of the Chief Minister or religious aspects which was not a right thing to do.

He said that they have remained silent all the while but the law will take its own course. He asked if any other party leaders will spare him after using such filthy language against them. He said that Raghurama wantedly accused the state government during incidents such as the chariot fire accident in Antarvedi, idol desecrations, which is a crime, he said.

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No member of parliament shall be arrested in a civil case 40 days before and after the adjournment of the House (Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha) and also when the House is in session. They can however get arrested outside the parliament in case of criminal offences, as there is no such immunity in case of criminal offences. 

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