Nara Lokesh Hurting Bihari Sentiments WhileTerming AP As 'South India's Bihar' Rhetoric

Nara Lokesh Hurting Bihari Sentiments Terming AP As 'South India's Bihar' Rhetoric - Sakshi Post

Telugu Desam Party MLC Nara Lokesh's recent rhetoric that Andhra Pradesh has become ‘South India’s Bihar’ , has not only insulted the 12 crore Biharis and the six crore Andhraites, but also brings to light his immaturity and lack of knowledge about the economy of the state and the strides it has made over the past two decades.

The TDP MLC while addressing businessmen in a meeting held in Vijayawada, Lokesh said that the AP Chief Minister should be credited with turning AP into the Bihar of South India. These words reflect his lack of understanding and his generational hatred toward the YSRCP government. The opposition parties have the freedom to express their opinion about the developments of the state in a dignified manner, but the way Nara Lokesh, has spoken is insinuating and hurting the sentiments of the people of the two states who are working industriously for unity and development of the country.

Terming Bihar as an anarchic state and that there is no adequate security for traders in AP is a deplorable statement that is something only the TDP and Nara Lokesh are capable of making.

Both the states have democratically elected governments that are functioning under the rule of law. Bihar has progressed over the past 25 years and there has been a remarkable change in the economy in comparison to the past. Nara Lokesh needs to be reminded that since the 1990s, the Chief Ministers of Bihar have been on friendly terms with his father Chandrababu Naidu. Leaders from Bihar have also looked up and cited AP in terms of development and have never spoken in a demeaning manner about the State.

However Nara Lokesh is well known for his foot-in-the-mouth statements, and we can't seem to expect anything more scholarly from the leader, despite his formal management education at Stanford!

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