Modi's Jamili Elections Will Lead To Partition And South India Will Be The Richest Country: Revanth Reddy

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Malkajgiri MP, TPCC Working President  Anumula Revanth Reddy came to the fore once again after he made sensational remarks prophesying that if Jamili elections are conducted, the country would be divided into two, and the fight for partition of the country would emerge.

Speaking to the media in the city on Monday, the Congress MP said that South Indian votes were not required to become a leader and if the nation was partitioned, then South India would be the richest country.

He alleged that the importance of the Southern States had diminished since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. He further stated that the priority of Union ministerial posts was being held by the Northern people.

He said the highest tax returns were from the Southern States, but the funds were going to the Northern States.

Revanth Reddy said Modi should give up the idea of ​​Jamili elections that would lead to discrimination against the southern states, and if not he would take up this matter in the Parliament sessions.

Revanth Reddy lashed out at the Modi government over the farmers' agitation against the controversial three Agriculture/Farm bills. He questioned as to why the roads near the protest sites were dug to interrupt the agitation. Adding further, the Congress MP questioned, when the Constitution could be amended in the country, why cannot the Agriculture bills be repealed.

Speaking about the budget, Revanth criticised both Modi and KCR for lying to the people. He said it was nothing new about the Central budget today, which was only to deceive the people. In the past, a package of Rs 5 lakh crore was given for Bihar, but where is the package now, he asked. Deceiving people was something very easy for both Modi and KCR, Revanth Reddy criticised.

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