Lalu Caught On Tape Asking MLA To Abstain From Voting in Speaker Elections in Bihar

 - Sakshi Post

Accusations and fights are common when it comes to politics. Everyday brings in a new revelation and scandal. In a shocking revelation made by BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Wednesday, an audioclip was released. The clip allegedly is a voice conversation between Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and RLSP MLA from Chenari constituency, Lallan Paswan.

It is being said that in the clip, Lalu is heard asking Lallan Paswan to not cast his vote in the Speaker’s election. Lalu apparently offered Paswan, a cabinet minister’s post in exchange for Paswan’s full support to Lalu’s party. Since Paswan denied his offer and said he would not go against his own party, Lalu asked him to at least not be present in the Assembly on the day of election.

In a tweet made by Sushil Modi, he alleged that Lalu kept making calls to the NDA MLAs. He also shared Lalu’s phone number, saying Lalu personally answers to it. He called up lalu and told him not to play any dirty tricks. It would not work.

In the recently held Bihar elections, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party won with 125 seats whereas the Mahagathbandhan between Congress-RJD manged to get 110 seats. 

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