Katti Over? Owaisi-KCR Bhai Bhai

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During an election campaign KTR had said that he did not need the support of AIMIM as TRS could win on its own in the old city. Responding to this at another GHMC poll rally, Owaisi had said "If you want to keep it that way, then Katti Katti. We also do not want to do anything with you."

Now that the election is over and the results are out, both parties experienced something they didn’t think would happen. After the elections were over, Owaisi addressed the media at his Shastripuram place, where he spoke about posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. He also indirectly extended an alliance to the TRS party by complimenting Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and his leadership. He continued to say that KCR was a big name of South India.

The results were something neither TRS nor AIMIM expected. TRS won 55 out of the 150 wards in the GHMC elections, BJP secured 48 seats and AIMIM won 44 wards. Now with TRS and MIM needing each other post GHMC polls, thanks to BJP grabbing an equal number of seats, the TRS and the AIMIM are likely to strike a deal for a post poll alliance.

Owaisi added that BJP’s win is just temporary and that this will not happen again. BJP had plans for a surgical strike on Old city but instead the people of Old city threw BJP out of their place. Now it is up to TRS to plan and take further action. He said if TRS plans well, it will be one of the most powerful parties. 

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