Kadiyam Srihari's Sensational Comments On Own Party Leader Sparks Political Debate

 - Sakshi Post

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Telangana and TRS leader Kadiyam Srihari has made key remarks on his own party. These comments led to a heated debate in political circles. Kadiyam made sensational comments on Station Ghanpur MLA Thatikonda Rajayya that he is incapable. He also stated that Rajayya speaks a lot but never helped any needy.

Kadiyam said, "When I was an MLA, minister, I did not take a single rupee or promise to give them any posts in the party or for any sanction of the works." He countered the comments that positions and jobs are being sold in between parties. An angry Srihari said that the MLA should have common sense before making such comments.

With Kadiyam's sensational comments, there is a heated debate in Station Ghanpur political circles. It is learned that both Kadiyam and Rajayya served as Deputy Chief Ministers for the state. However, these comments in the constituency escalated a war of words between them.

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