How Many Times Will You Change Chandrababu? Vijayasai Reddy

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AMARAVATI: YSRCP leader and Rajya Sabha MO V Vijaysai Reddy on Thursday took jibes on former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Sankranti Day.

In his tweet , he said that there as the TDP leader was not the CM anymore the TDP Telugu Dalari ( Broker) Party and the brokers are feeling the pinch. Without any major hype or propaganda, the state is receiving investments and new projects are in the offing. In a mocking tone, Vijayasai Reddy said if he was in power 'Corona Pai Karate' kind of schemes would have come in place and he would forfeited crores of money, but that was not to be as the virus is under control now. Without any brokers in between, the welfare schemes are reaching the door steps of the beneficiaries, he said,

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In a tweet, the MP said Chandrababu said that he didn't know how he lost the elections and now claims to be the one who started Sankranti. He is now starting a new drama by apologizing and stating that he had changed completely.

''How many times will you change Babu garu,'' he mocked. He goes about destroying temples and still blames the public for his defeat in the elections, he scoffed.

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