Eluru Municipal Corporation: By-Polls In 2 Divisions Due To Death of YSRCP Candidates

By polls for 45 and 46 divisions in Eluru municipal corporation, due to death of YSRCP candidates - Sakshi Post

WEST GODAVARI: The ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) on Sunday won with a landslide victory  in the Eluru Municipal Corporation elections in the district after counting for the 50 wards in the corporation ended.

The YSRCP won 47 divisions, out of which three were unanimously won. However, in a tragic outcome, two candidates (both from the YSRCP) were not able to see the victory as they passed away due to COVID two months ago. One candidate Bethapudi Pratapchandra Mukherjee, contesting from 45th Division, won by a majority of 1,058, while Pari Begum, contesting from 46th Division, won by a majority of 1,232 votes. It was unfortunate that they both passed away even before they could see the election results and their victory.

The State Election Commission is likely to announce the date for the by-polls for these two divisions after the formalities are completed.

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With YSRCP making a clean sweep, TDP was limited to just three divisions. The TDP, which had won 43 of the 50 divisions in the last elections and the YSRCP won 7 divisions, suffered a crushing defeat this time. The party won only three Divisions -Numbers 28, 37, 47.  Despite the former Dendaluru MLA C Prabhakar, campaigning extensively in four divisions yielded no results.

The Jana Sena Party, which contested in 20 divisions, also campaigned extensively but failed to garner a decent number of votes.

The BJP, which contested in 16 divisions, lost in all the divisions, and the same was the case with the CPI where it lost in four divisions where it contested.

The counting process, which took place on Sunday, five months after the election, ended peacefully following a High Court order allowing the counting of votes which were stalled by litigation.

 The elections for the post of mayor and deputy mayor will be held on the 30th of this month.

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