Devineni Uma Behaving Like Chandrababu's Mistress: Brother

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VIJAYAWADA: TDP leader Devineni Uma was severely criticized by his brother and YSRCP leader Devineni Chandrasekhar.

Speaking to Sakshi about the episode at Gollapudi where Devineni  Uma tried to state a protest on Tuesday, Chandrasekhar commented that his brother Uma did not have a single characteristic that a politician should encompass.

He severely criticised his brother and stated that Uma was acting like a mistress to  N Chandrababu Naidu.

Chandrasekhar then trained his guns on the TDP and said that not even five of the 650 promises made by the TDP were fulfilled when they were in power.

Whereas YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has ensured that welfare schemes  were provided to all sections of society within 18 months of coming to power as Chief Minister.

TDP leaders are doing nothing but nefarious politics to obstruct welfare in the State, he fired. Chandrasekhar questioned as to how many housing sites had Chandrababu given to the poor when he was in power, apart from hobnobbing with the senior politicians.

Now when lakhs of people are receiving housing sites , Chandrababu and his coterie  are unable to digest this and creating a ruckus in the state, he fired.

People in the state have already noticed TDP's falsities and are ready to deliver the same verdict when the elections come again, the YSRCP leader stated.Devineni Chandrasekhar also demanded that the Chief Minister conduct an inquiry into the corruption that took place during the TDP regime.

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