Cow Slaughter Bill: In Karnataka, Eating Cow Meat Offence, No Ban On Buffalo Meat

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The Karnataka cabinet has announced their decision on the Anti-Cow slaughter bill. On Monday, the Karnataka cabinet decided to disseminate an ordinance in order to finally bring out the Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill (2020).

The Assembly had given their consent to the bill on December 9th but later it faced problems in legislative council meetings. Decision was made that the bill will be taken to the Governor at Karnataka Raj Bhavan for consent.

In the first week of December, the Karnataka government passed a stricter version of the 1964 cow protection legislation. The 1964 version prohibited cow slaughter in the state. The 2020 bill has “banned” not just cow slaughter, but calf of a cow and bull, bullock and he or she buffalo as well.

State Animal husbandry minister Prabhu Chavan confirmed that the bill will soon become a law. “In a few days, it will be a law. No more cattle slaughter in the state, BJP is firm on protecting cows so the Bill has been implemented through an ordinance.”

Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister J C Madhuswamy clarified that this will not stop beef consumption. The slaughter of cows will be prohibited in the state, but nothing on beef consumption.

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“The anti-cow slaughter law is not new. We had it for decades. Earlier, there was a ban on slaughter of cows until the age of thirteen. We have just extended it with the intention that older cows should not be abandoned. Since the prohibition does not extend to buffaloes, there is no ban on beef consumption,” added Madhuswamy.

Senior Congress leader and former chief minister Siddaramaiah commented on the ban and said that food habits are his own right. I like to eat cattle meat and no one should question it. Other leaders want to say it too, but they just lack courage. 

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