Chandrababu's Futile Attempts To Change Tarnished Image Wont Work: YSRCP

Chandrababu's Futile Attempts To Improve Image Through Sonu Sood Wont Work: YSRCP - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) Rajya Sabha MP V  Vijayasai Reddy took to Twitter in his inimitable style to lambast the Leader of the Opposition N Chandrababu Naidu for making futile to enhance his tarnished image in one way or the other.

On Tuesday the YSRCP MP said that the TDP leader tried to lay a trap for the Ayurvedic doctor B Anandaiah, however, he did not fall into the trap of Chandrababu. Now he has turned his eye on Sonu Sood who is doing exemplary services to society through his programs. Chandrababu's plan is to somehow cash in on his good name earned through his selfless service programs.  What Chandrababu does not know is that one fine day he (Sonu Sood) will come to know about him, he scoffed. “Babu, there are no alternatives to enhance your image,’’ MP Vijayasai Reddy tweeted on Tuesday.

TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu appreciated Bollywood actor Sonu Sood for helping the poor and needy in the coronavirus pandemic and exhorted everyone to take the actor as an inspiration during an online seminar while interacting with him. 

The YSRCP MP in another tweet said that he was trying to divide people who were for working as no one was falling for his words which was stated by his own senior party members. 

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Anakapalli MLA Gudivada Amarnath slammed Chandrababu Naidu terming him as a synonym to corruption and asserted that the government is determined to protect the lands in Visakhapatnam, where almost over Rs 4000 crore worth 430 acres of government lands have been reclaimed in the last two years.The MLA said that the government would take possession of all those reclaimed lands from encroachers and shall use it for public welfare. He said the majority of land grabbing cases have taken place during the previous government by the TDP leaders with the support of Chandrababu Naidu who encouraged his Party leaders to grab more lands and led them towards corruption under his leadership. He affirmed that no one is above the law and strict action will be initiated against those found guilty.

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