Amaravati Land Scam: Chandrababu Cant Escape Now, Alla Ramakrishna

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Andhra Pradesh Civil Supplies Minister Kodali Nani alleged that TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu and his aides had carried out massive land frauds to deceive the Dalits in Amaravati and in violation of the CRDA Act. He also alleged that Chandrababu misused powers of virtue of being a chief minister during Chandrababu's reign as a chief minister. What is wrong if the Notices were issued to Chandrababu for  the land scam, he questioned.The Minister demanded that the SC and ST atrocity law be registered against Chandrababu and Co for cheating the Dalits. He said the goal of the YSRCP government was to do justice to all sections of the people. Kodali Nani made  allegations that Chandrababu will also go to jail if there is direct evidence to prove his role in the scam.

The Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department has issued notices to TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu on capital land irregularities. The CID officers reached Chandrababu's residence in Hyderabad and served notices. CID chief Sunil Kumar said notices had been issued under 41 CRPC and was asked to attend for an investigation on March 23 against the cases booked under IPC section 120B, 166, 167, and 277. Apart from Chandrababu, eight others in the case have been reportedly named in the notices.

He said Section 41 Notices under the CrPC have already been issued to many who have encroached on land in illegal ways. He questioned whether it was wrong to give CID notices to scams perpetrated by Chandrababu against the Constitution. 

Whatever the opposition thinks, people have demanded that legal action be taken against Chandrababu, who has amassed hundreds of crores of rupees belonging to the Dalit community. Kodali Nani said it was important for the Government  to ensure justice for Dalits and take legal action against Chandrababu. 

Mangalagiri YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy (RK) alleged that Chandrababu Naidu and P Narayana had conspired to head the CRDA  and had squandered the lands of SCs and STs with a clear plan. He said that 500 acres of land was allotted in Mangalagiri constituency alone and around 3,500 acres in Tadikonda constituency were forcibly confiscated under threat. RK explained that the people were told that there would be no packages given and their lands were grabbed. Sivai Zamindar, Lanka lands, government and endowment lands were also encroached upon for Chandrababu's cronies, he alleged. 

They manipulated records by putting pressure on Revenue officials. Patta lands were also bought at cheap rates, he said. RK reminded that Chandrababu had committed many irregularities by  using Government Orders (GOs) and he himself served as the CRDA chairman which was actually supposed to be headed by an IAS officer.

You will not find Chandrababu and Narayana's signatures on any GOs related to the Amaravati lands, but only their signatures are on the notified files,RK explained. The YSRCP MLA made it clear that Chandrababu and Co could not escape under any circumstances. 

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