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Candid conversations to discover the realities of living a creative life

New Delhi: Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what goes on in the mind of a creator when they paint, sculpt, dance, illustrate, animate? Behind The Art - a Pluc.TV original - gives you a glimpse into why artists create. Behind the Art is a show that focuses on the behind-the-scenes work of visual artists and their creative work but most importantly, how they are redefining their language of art. After a successful run of 15 episodes with over 6 million views featuring several artists from across the globe, the show is all set to launch its second season with new creators on August 20th, 2021.

Launched in March 2021, the show captured candid conversations with artists, designers, and other creative folks to discover the realities of living a creative life. There was a lack of stories of why artists create, especially mid-level and nano creators. Behind the art was aired on a global Snapchat show with a single goal - to start a conversation with artists. Each episode was an attempt to understand the impact of the dynamic content boom on artists, the disruption of the creator economy, and the digital interventions that expand the resources we have at hand.

‘Rarely does one see a show dedicated to the process of artists and Behind The Art gives space to all artists regardless of where they’re from or what they do’ - Tamseel Hussain, Founder & CEO, Pluc.TV

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Painters, photographers, sculptors, folk-artists, illustrators, animators, navigating the popular representation of a creator, discuss the ideas of a ‘tortured artist, the romanticized artist and break down the process of creating new art forms too. From self-portraits to gender politics, finding new ways of making contemporary art inclusive, this show features unconventional creators who dig deeper than the surface. The first season was full of street artists, ceramic artists, illustrators, and sculptors.

“It was wonderful talking to the Behind the Art team as they asked me about my journey and art process. Decoding my mental process for the general public was exciting. I got an overwhelming response after being featured in their show” - Rahul Gautam, a visual artist and creator featured in season one.

“Behind the Art is a good platform and a unique idea which introduces the audience not only with art but with artist work procedure, thought process, studio struggle also” - Manveer Singh, a visual artist featured in the series.

Season two is all geared up to explore different forms of art and move beyond the canvas, with an exciting lineup of sound designers, animators, dancers, storytellers, and more. What’s new? Each story has a unique twist - every artist will take you through their journey of finding their love for their art and share the inside scoop of how they became talented contemporary artists.

List of 15 artists featured in Season One:

From the visual artist Rahul Gautam who sculpts versions and reflections of himself to a Japanese ceramic artist Yuri Kezuka who creates imperfect pottery, to an illustrator Saba Usmani who started a global solidarity movement 6ftlove in the pandemic, to Manveer Singh who creates art from plastic waste to Inbar Heller Algazi illustrating children from the Gaza war, we have documented the journey of artists as they create.

  1. Rahul Gautam
  2. Manveer Singh
  3. Sumit Nahar
  4. Sapna Karn
  5. Hemant Chakma
  6. Yuri Kezuka
  7. Saba Usmani
  8. Xingying Du
  9. Aasthi Miller
  10. Neelim Mahanta
  11. Suruchi Jamkar
  12. Diptej Vernekar
  13. Inbar Heller Algazi
  14. Noor Ali Chagani
  15. Priyanka Tampi

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