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By Sarah Justin

Young actor Chaitanya Rao's latest web series 30 Weds 21 is trending on social media. Many a times, we have seen the movie trending on social media. But, it is for the first time, the series is trending on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. When the series is making all the right noises on social media, we thought why not catch up with the newest actor who's creating a sensation in the tinsel town to know more about the series. In an exclusive chat with Sakshipost, Chaitanya Rao talks about his series, who he admired a lot in Tollywood. Here we go:

First of all, congratulations on your 30 weds 21 web series receiving positive response, how does it feel?

Truly, I’m overwhelmed. I have been in the industry for the past six years and I’m trying hard to get a breakthrough film. Finally, it happened with 30 weds 21. In fact, I’m getting goosebumps for the amazing response.

How did 30 weds 21 happen?
One of my friend suggested that Chai Biscuit is holding auditions and he knows that I really love the content on Chai Biscuit. I went in for an audition. They called me after a day and informed me that they were planning to cast me in the series.

Vakeel Saab was a big hit, you were part of the film. How was it working with Pawan Kalyan?

It’s a dream for many people to feature in a Pawan Kalyan film. Even I had the same and I fulfilled it with Vakeel Saab.

How did you get a role in Vakeel Saab. Did the offer come before your web series launch or later?

I landed a chance to work in Vakeel Saab before 30 weds 21. An associate editor of the movie called me saying there’s a small role in Vakeel Saab and if I  would be able to do? I said, "Definitely, I would love to do and I am not worried about the screen space as long as I get a chance to work  in a Pawan Kalyan film."

Have you got any offers from Tollywood filmmakers after your series became a hit?

Yes, a few filmmakers have called me after the series. However, due to the lockdown situation, we weren't able to discuss any details. After everything falls into place, I will meet them all to decide on my future projects.

What are your career plans after 30 weds 21?

I’m looking forward to do content-driven movies and series. I want to get closer to my audience through my roles and I want to get appreciation from them and earn their confidence that I can pull off any role easily.

Which role do you prefer to do the most, if you get a chance like brother, friend or an emotional character?

I don't mind playing any character as long as it entertains the audience. I feel, I’m good at emotional scenes. I’m even looking forward to doing villain roles. But let’s wait and see what awaits me in the future.

Why are the makers not releasing all the episodes at a time, why they are choosing to launch single episodes?

We want to give the audience the best experience. Earlier, the makers used to release one episode every week to grab the attention of the audience as well as to give them enough time to watch with their family. We too did the same with this series. The makers are planning to soon release a movie version which will last for an hour.

As the show got good response, are the makers planning to have new seasons?
Actually, the makers are planning for a second season. But there’s no official confirmation on when the second season would start as the writer needs to work on the script. It would take some time, but we will surely keep you posted about the details

People who watched the web series say they want a wife like Meghana. Your comments on her characterisation in the series

Meghana is a very independent and mature person, she knows how to balance her life well. If anyone gets a wife with Meghana-like qualities, then life would be easier for the husband.

Are you planning to venture into films as a male lead character?

Everyone has a dream of playing a lead character, and I am no exception. Whatever offers I’m getting right now are all for lead characters, but it’s too early to talk about them at the moment.

How does stardom feel? Has there been any change in the way people see you? 

Now, people recognize me when I go out. They are asking me for selfies. In fact, they ask me, 'Are you the actor from 30 weds 21 web series.' The only change I see after the series is that I’m getting a lot of attention from people and fans.

If you get a chance to participate in Bigg Boss. Would you like to go?

Definitely, I would love to go. If I don’t have any films or series, then, I would participate in the game without any qualms. The show is interesting where we are locked up in the house for 100 days. We get to learn many things when one gets a chance to participate in it. There are many advantages with the show. If I get the chance, I would go. But I’ll cross-check my schedule and will decide whether to go or not. I would definitely go at least to meet Nagarjuna garu.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

I would like to see myself as a Satyadev or a Fahad Faasil. I always look up to successful actors. I want to become successful like them in five years.

If there's one character in Telugu that you would love to reprise, it would be from which movie?

If I ever get a chance then I would love to reprise Chiranjeevi’s role in Aapadbandhavudu.

Who among the current breed of actors do you think has a bright future?

If there's one actor, then I would say Vijay Deverakonda is doing extremely well—be it his looks or talent. Karthik Rathnam is also an excellent star. If I want an actor to reach  the next level, then I would choose Karthik Rathnam.

Who do you want to work with in Tollywood?

I have many actors on my wishlist. But, if there's a one particular star I badly want to work with, it would be Chiranjeevi guru. I’m eagerly waiting to work with him.

Do have a crush on any Telugu actress? 

Earlier, I had a crush on Nithya Menen, I still do. When it comes to current actresses then I have a huge crush on Nidhi Agerwal.

It is worth mentioning here that all six episodes of Chaitanya's hugely cuccessful web series 30 weds 21 are available on Youtube. The makers of 30 weds 21 have ended the season with a Baahubali poster hinting at a new season. Are you looking forward to a brand new season of 30 weds 21? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you. 

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