The Mandalorian Series Torrented More Than Game Of Thrones, Becomes Most Pirated Show Of 2020

 - Sakshi Post

Disney+ series, The Mandalorian has become the most pirated show of 2020. The TorrentFreak analysis of 2020 gave a list of “Most pirated series.” The “Star Wars” spinoff series has finally taken over Game of Thrones’ crown.

According to the TorrentFreak analysis, Game of Thrones was the most pirated show from 2013-2019. Every new season of GOT became the most pirated one every year. With GOT finally ending in 2019, this opened the chance for other shows.

Although it’s not very good, piracy takes away the original views from the official platform, but it sure is an indication of the popularity of such series. Mandalorian started airing in 2019, that year it became the third most pirated show. In 2020, it took the top spot.

TorrentFreak gives data on Torrent downloads, but along with that there are several other illegal streaming platforms as well. The views and download data from these platforms are not added.

While ‘The Mandalorian’ came first in most pirated shows list, Amazon’s superhero show, ‘The Boys’ came in second. HBO’s ‘Westworld’ placed third. The ‘Vikings’ series was fourth and CBS' Star Trek: Picard was fifth.

Other shows on the list were Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, AMC's The Walking Dead, HBO's The Outsider, and two superhero shows by CW The Arrow and The Flash.

The science fiction and superhero shows have dominated this list. It is evident with the entry of multiple superhero shows in top 10. 

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