Latest Telugu OTT Release Cinema Bandi Gets Top Spot On Netflix

 - Sakshi Post

Getting their film released on an international OTT Platform - Netflix is a dream for many and then, Netflix's Trends list is like securing a place in the Hall of Fame. The latter is difficult even for big films at times but then, a small film - Cinema Bandi has achieved it.

In the very first weekend of its release, Cinema Bandi is the pick of the audience on Netflix. The movie is at Number One position on the trends list. The movie produced by 'The Family Man' creators-directors Raj & DK is a heartwarming tale of how a bunch of villagers try to make a film with an expensive camera they find.

Filled with loads of humor and showing the innocence of the villagers, the film has impressed everyone. Also, the filmmakers have tried to keep it as real and organic as possible, with new actors and very natural dialogues. The end result is that the audience has fallen in love with the movie as if it were their own! It is also appreciable how Raj & DK despite being busy directors in Bollywood, have found love for a small telugu film and supported it to make it everyone's favorite.

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