Irresistible Job Offer: Wanted Professional Binge Watcher To Netflix And Eat Pizza

 - Sakshi Post

A job offer that will make you go crazy and surprised, Bonus Finder has rolled out a new job position that will surely enlighten your 2021! A job offer to Review the best of shows on Netflix along with free Pizzas that you will review too, and guess what it's a paid job offer. An America based website is offering $500 to binge-watch the shows of Netflix and even get a free pizza to review. This offer has been grabbing the attention of all and is the new talk of town.

Bonus Finder, the website company which reviews and offers deals of legal gambling has opened up this position. titled as "Professional Binge Watcher". As exciting the title sounds, the work sounds cool and fun too. The basic job profile is to watch and review three series on Netflix along with eating yummy Pizzas! Totally "Netflix and Chilling". This website has opened up this position for all movie freaks and foodies that have been waiting for the one moment to just sit on bean bags and watch-eat-review!

Talking more about the position, the candidates are expected to review each series based on story and plot lines, to tagline suitability, acting quality and professionalism, satisfaction of episodes and series endings. Not just this, the Pizza you eat is also supposed to be reviewed on the basis of its presentation, crunchiness, base and the taste of course! The Series and Pizzas are to be reviewed on a set of criteria given along with few pointers to be kept in mind. Looks easy but Reviewing isn't that easy too.

This job offer is open to all candidates and all you can rush to the website now to fill in your details and enroll. Remember, Job position is to Review and not Netflix and Chill! Such exciting job positions attract everyone and can even be noticed as Bonus Finder wants to grab the attention. Well, whatever the back story may be, we all are surely excited to hear about a paid job like this.

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