Indians Learning Korean After K Dramas Keep Them Glued To OTTs

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The surge of Kpop and Kdramas in India has been evident and it has increased over the past few years. As the pandemic and the lockdown left people with no choice but to be at their homes, it brought new watchers of kdramas. People were hooked to their Netflix accounts, busy watching their favourite shows.

Youngsters nowadays like watching recommended shows. They share a list of the dramas they have watched with friends and with the changing times, Korean dramas are taking place in their ‘To Watch’ list.

With Kpop and k-dramas, there has been a boost in the spread of Korean culture. India is a place that welcomes new culture and has been a wonderful host to the Korean industry. Thanks to the OTT platforms and the endless free time that this pandemic gave us, people started to tick off stuff from their ‘To-Watch’ list. New shows and movies made entry into these lists.

You start with one K-dramas and it goes from there. People have said that some of the best dramas to start are Descendants of the Sun and Crash Landing on you. These are like the starting point in Korean dramas.

There is a wide range of choices and dramas of different genres. If you start watching ‘Secret Garden’ and other dramas like ‘Something in the Rain’, you will find a tale of romance in it. But with 'Kingdom' or 'The World of the Married', you enter the zombie and supernatural genre.

The language barrier can be broken just by subtitles. When you become comfortable with reading subs and giving a chance to such international shows, you open your gates to an entirely different experience.

With Kdramas it is not just that a person will watch the show and forget about it. You will want to be part of it. Want to eat cup-ramen, buy Korean makeup products or sit at a café having fried chicken and beer. People are not happy with just a few things; they want to be part of it. They want to understand everything.

People do not even realize it, but they start using Korean words in their daily lives. ‘Jjinja,’ ‘Mianhe’ or ‘Bogo Shipda’ etc, these different common Korean words become part of your life. It is known that Korean is relatively a difficult language, but you people are ready to give it a chance.

In India, there has been a growing interest in learning the Korean language. Some people use apps like ‘Duolingo’ or ‘Learn Korean’ while some people even register themselves in a professional university and course. They are ready to give it their all in order to understand what their favorite artist or actor is saying.

India and the Korean embassy are now working on different plans to make sure that people have access to various programs and they learn Korean with ease.

It is the best feeling when you watch a Korean drama and you do not have to move your eyes up and down while reading subtitles. When your favorite Kpop band goes live and you can watch it in real-time, it makes a person happy.

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