Duranga is Remake of K Drama Flower of Evil Streaming on Zee5

Duranga is Remake of K Drama Flower of Evil Streaming on Zee5 - Sakshi Post

One of the most popular and highly rated K-dramas—‘Flower of Evil’ has been remade into a Hindi web series with the title Duranga. 

'Flower of Evil' is a famous K-drama and topped the viewership charts for some time. And now, Indian K drama fans believe that they can get the same content in their language. The K-drama has been rated well on all Korean websites. 

Duranga is now streaming on the OTT platform— Zee5. Flower of evil is the first Korean drama which has been remade in Indian style. 

The plot of “Flower of Evil”    

Flower of Evil chronicles the relationship of Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi) and Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won), who together with their daughter make the image of a perfect family. However, unbeknownst to his family, Hee-sung is hiding behind a stolen identity to cover up a cruel and shameful past. 
As a detective who looks into a series of murders, Ji-won grows suspicious of her husband and his ties to the crimes. As Ji-won continues to uncover Hee-sung’s secrets, doubts about identity and love grow between the couple, posing the question if she married a killer.

The plot of “Duranga"

Murder in the present threatens to expose Sammit's carefully constructed facade. Sensation-seeking crime journalist Vikas (Abhijit Khandekar), who grew up in the same coastal town as Abhishek and his beloved sister Prachi (Barkha Bisht), starts following a bread crumb trail that leads to Sammit's doorstep. 

To sum it up, ‘Duranga’ successfully blends multiple genres like romance, drama and action-packed thriller together without getting lost in its complicated plot. It has a captivating and compelling build-up that will keep you guessing.

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