Dia Mirza Shares Thoughts on Web Series Debut With Kaafir

 - Sakshi Post

The web series that was based on true events and marked Dia's digital debut, turns two this June. 

"Kaafir' is relevant for its message of love and peace, especially now when we are being reminded of our shared humanity every day": Dia Mirza. 

Two years ago in June, Dia Mirza starrer and Sonal Nair directorial 'Kaafir' debuted as a web television series and instantly connected with audiences worldwide. Written by Bhavani Iyer, the series told the wrenching story of Kainaaz Akhtar, a woman who mistakenly crosses the LOC, is presumed to be a militant and is held prisoner.

The series was a grim and poignant retelling of a similar incident and reminded audiences of the human cost paid by innocent citizens when nations mistrust each other.

Dia says, "It is difficult to not empathise with a woman who goes through so much suffering for no fault of hers. A woman who is also a mother and no longer knows if she will ever experience a sense of home. It is a human story that will always be relevant for its message of love and peace but is particularly pertinent now because we are being reminded every day by the pandemic of our shared humanity. We are being reminded that hate and violence are ultimately futile emotions. What remains after we are gone is just this question, "Did we love this world and those inhabiting it enough?"

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Dia says, the fundamental humanism informing the story instantly drew her to the character of Kainaz and she says, "Deep-rooted prejudices make us forget that we are human first and 'Kaafir' continues to remind us of this fact. Hate is a corrosive emotion and robs us of our ability to empathise with each other and vitiates life so much that we forget to love, to be kind, to build a world where there is more light than darkness. Yes, geopolitical tensions are real but so is the hope that one day we can resolve them."

'Kaafir' was also Dia's digital debut and she says, "The performance had to be subtle and yet expressive of the turmoil within the character and I felt truly humbled when so many fans and critics sent me appreciative messages after watching the series."

She also won a Critic's Choice nod for Best Actor (OTT) at Gold Awards.

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