Dark to Detective Boomrah: Best Sci-fi Shows With Highest Rating

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Many mysteries are intertwined between the realms of space and time. There are many unanswered questions and beliefs that claim to be true yet are difficult to believe all around us. However, some clever attempts have been made to depict such tales on the silver screen, where the representation is based on the best of human imagination. We've come up with a list of some of the top sci-fi shows that have an 8 or plus ratings on IMDb. Check it out:

Dark - 8.8

Touted by many as Germany's version of Stranger Things, Dark takes its time before plunging into wholly unique and captivating settings. Dark is a sci-fi noir that weaves time travel, conspiracies, and separated families into a multi-generational thriller that begins with a child's disappearance. The tale has meticulously created layers and is intriguing from the word go. Dark delves into time travel and its impact on human nature, which hits the audience through all three seasons. The series can be watched on Netflix and has an IMDb rating of 8.8.

Detective Boomrah - 9.2

An Indian detective series that explores concepts like time travel, Detective Boomrah offers a unique captivating storyline. The first season of the three-episode series follows the case of a man, who jumped from a roof to vanish after being found in a heritage hotel’s locked room. When the detective visits the scene of the happening, he gets entangled in a mystery web after coming across a mysterious Sitar playing a woman and a man who came from some other time. The series, with a 9.2 IMDb rating, can be watched on MX Player.

Upload – 8

The world was changing rapidly when the first season of the sci-fi comedy series Upload was released in 2020. The show combines a futuristic murder mystery with an anti-capitalist thriller and presents it as a romantic comedy that appeals to the viewers. Almost two years later, Upload is back with a seven-episode Season 2. You probably binge-watched the half-hour episodes of the first season in a single day and are still reeling from the shocking conclusion. The show with an IMDb rating of 8 can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Loki - 8.3

Based on the Marvel Comics character Loki, this American series is the next on the list of sci-fi shows with the best IMDb ranking. Thor's adopted brother Loki, also known as the god of mischief, steps out of his brother's shadow to venture on an adventure. It has variants, timelines and a multiversal war as well. Loki, who interestingly has a female variant named Sylvie, gets trapped in a time variance authority, and what follows is a breathtaking experience. The show with an IMDb ranking of 8.3 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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