Bigg Boss OTT: Here’s Why Divya Agarwal Could Be The Winner

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Since the start of Bigg Boss OTT, Divya Agarwal has been in the headlines for some reason. It could be her fight with other contestants, standing up against host Karan Johar or performing in the tasks, she has always been the one viewers like to talk about.

Many times fans have said that Divya was constantly being targeted by the makers and the audience even trended hashtags for her. But all that has happened in the house can probably mean that she has a higher chance of winning.

Let us Recap a bit!!

Take the beginning of the show, when all of the contestants needed a connection. Girls were choosing their mates for entry. When there were just two girls and one guy left, host Karan Johar gave the last man standing, Karan Nath, the opportunity to choose. Finally, he chose Ridhima Pandit, leaving Divya alone. This resulted in her being nominated for the elimination. 

Later during a buzzer task, she became Zeeshan Khan’s partner after he made the switch. But sometime later even he was eliminated, basically thrown out of the house, once again leaving Divya alone. Since then she has been playing her individual game. She doesn’t need any partner or connection. She has been acting strong and playing strategically.

Stood up Against Karan Johar

During the initial episodes of Sunday ka Vaar, viewers were upset that host Karan Johar was not really questioning anyone else but only targeting Divya. When Divya told him she doesn’t need the show, Karan told her to get out. She said during one of the episodes, that she would like to nominate Karan Johar for elimination. He took this statement and bashed her by saying that she is a contestant here whereas he is the host.

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Karan said that he will not do anything but straight away eliminate her. At the end of the episode, he nominated her for elimination. “BB UNFAIR WITH DIVYA” started trending on Twitter as fans didn’t like the way the director was speaking with her.

Divya didn’t budge but instead stood up for herself in front of Karan. She didn’t complain about having no partner but has been playing without any help.

Fans Support

She has fans' support. Viewers love the way she has been playing and are voting for her. They constantly kept her in the top if not No.1 position. She has been getting enough votes and has been safe from all the eliminations.

If you look at the past seasons, whenever a contestant is targeted a lot and receives the audience's attention, in the end, they come out stronger. Such contestants have higher chances of winning.

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