Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh On Age Shaming Remarks

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When Akshara Singh was in the Bigg Boss OTT house, she and Shamita Shetty had constant fights. It created a lot of drama as Akshara compared Shamita to her mother. Their constant fights would often lead to a violent ending. Even many fans were upset over Akshara’s remarks. After getting eliminated from the BB house, she addressed this.

During her time in the Bigg Boss house, Akshara said some stuff that didn’t look good on her part. “Chaar line angrezi Jaan lene se aap chad jayega kisi pe”, (You think you can shout on anyone since you can speak English?), she said to Shamita. She even said that Shamita is of her mother’s age but doesn’t know how to behave.

Speaking with Bollywood Bubble, Akshara said that, she was just two years old when she heard Shamita’s songs. When she compared Shamita to her mother, it was out of respect and not the other way round. She said it was not age shaming.

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“I didn’t do age shaming, not at all. I gave her respect,” Akshara said during her interview. I am treating her and combining her with my mother. That means I am respecting her and giving her a higher status. But the fact remains that I was actually in primary school when I heard her songs. I am only stating the truth and nothing else.

Akshara did this many times in the house. Every time they got into a fight, she would bring up Shamita’s age and education. She was even seen making fun of Shamita along with Urfi Javed. They both called her Aunty and old.

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