BBK OTT: Sonu Gowda Breaks Down After Fight With Spoorthy

BBK OTT: Sonu Gowda Breaks Down After Fight With Spoorthy  - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss OTT Kannada Season 1 is off to a stormy start with contestants getting into arguments and fight. Sonu Gowda asked why Spoorty was laughing whenever she spoke and asked her to directly talk to her. Sonu Gowda said she doe snot like anybody laughing behind her back. This led to a scuffle between the two. Later it took a lot of effort from Rakesh Adiga and Akshata Kuki to stop the fight between Sonu and Spoorthy.

It's only a few days that the show begun, but the entertainment value has gone up with contestants doing a lot of drama in the house. Unfortunately, the rift between the two seems to have widened the gap between Spoorthy Gowda and Sonu Gowda. Sonu went to the extent of calling Spoorthy 'Dove Rani' which irked the latter, leading to a bitter fight.

It so happened that Spoorthy was seen laughing even though there was nothing funny about Sonu-Rakesh conversation, which upset Sonu. Sonu argued saying Spoorthy should come to her if she had a problem and not discuss it behind her back with Rakesh and Akshata.

However, Spoorthy is like, 'I will remain like this and won't change'. Rakesh, on the other hand, tried to make Sonu understand that Spoorthy smiled at him and did not really laugh at Sonu. However, Sonu as not convinced with this answer.

Sonu also expressed her displeasure saying nobody understands her feelings in the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss Kannada OTT viewers feel that Sonu is needlessly dragging Rakesh everytime she has an argument with Spoorthy which has made matters worse. Finally, she broke down to prove her point. It is worth mentioning here that Sonu is already on bad terms with Uday Surya, Arjun Ramesh and Aryavardhan. Somanna also stated that Sonu doesn't know how to speak to people with respect.

It is known that Sonu Gowda is in the first week nomination list of Bigg Boss OTT Kannada. It remains to be seen if she will get evicted due to her bad relationship with housemates or survive.

Currently, there are 16 contestants in the Bigg Boss OTT Kannada house. Bigg Boss is considering Nandini-Jaswanth as a single entry.

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