Amazon Prime Video Subscription to Cost More

 - Sakshi Post

Did you know this? Amazon Prime is all set to hike its membership rates in India by almost 50 per cent. While the current subscription costs at Rs 999 per annum, it is expected to increase to Rs 1,499. Besides this, the company is also planning to revise the monthly and quarterly plans. 

Amazon Prime membership offers a wide range of services including shopping, Prime video OTT and music which will go for a revision soon making many prospective users unhappy. 

According to the latest reports, the users still have the chance of getting their membership at Rs 999 and can continue with the same price till the duration of the current subscription ends. However, after the subscription ends, the users will have to pay the new rates for renewing their membership. 

The company expects to increase the monthly subscription from Rs 129 to Rs 179 and the quarterly membership of Rs 329 to Rs 459. The new prices will not be charged on the card automatically and no specific reason has been mentioned for the change.

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