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The much-loved and gripping Telugu crime-thriller Drushyam is all set to make a comeback with a bang exclusively on Amazon Prime Video this November. The sequel will see the iconic Venkatesh Daggubati reprising his role from the Telugu hit Drushyam, alongside his favourite co-star Meena. The power packed hit pair who has been stealing hearts, for more than a decade, is back in the second instalment of the hit franchise again. If you’re looking to enjoy a movie that stars the duo, here’s us taking you down memory lane giving you not one, but five films featuring this fan favourite on-screen couple:  

Chanti: The 1992 Telugu drama was a big time hit. It’s been years but people still reminisce about this hit film. What really stood out in the film were the phenomenal performances by both Venkatesh and Meena in their roles as Chanti and Nandini. The comedy, action, romance and drama that unfolds when an astrologer predicts that Nandini would marry a person of her choice who is Chanti is what makes the film a hilarious and epic watch amongst viewers.

Sundarakanda: In the same year Venkatesh and Meena, made a comeback for the second time rocking Tollywood box office and bringing cheer to their fans & audiences. The couple stole hearts with their stunning performances as the old lecturer and the lady from the orphanage. The comic timing, dance performances and the chemistry between the two is what really stood out in the film and made this an instant audience favourite. 

Abbayi Garu: Nineties was a roaring time for the hit on-screen couple Venkatesh and Meena. Abbayi Garu released in the year 1993, a remake of the 1987 Tamil movie Enga Chinna Rasa and went on to become a super-duper success. Despite having some sensational dialogues in the movie, the main plot revolved around motherly sentiments that touched the audiences' hearts. It is truly amazing to see how Venky and Meena, as Dora Babu and Sudha, managed to own the space and make the film revolve around their characters.

Suryavamsam: Pairing on screen, for the fourth time in the year 1998, Venky-Meena by now became the heartthrob couple of fans all over and stole the limelight yet again. The Tamil drama was well received and appreciated for the performances. Venkatesh, as a righteous and powerful village leader and Meena as a city-bred girl, have excelled by giving controlled and convincing performances. The love story that unfolds between the two is what makes the movie a real deal for your money due to its sheer entertainment.

Drushyam: The Telugu thriller Drushyam released in the year 2014 and created frenzy among masses and critics. The film was an ode to the classic film and did justice to the original film. Both Venkatesh and Meena received applause and accolades for essaying their roles and according to critics that held the film together.

Get ready to watch the story of Drushyam 2 unfold from where we left it, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on November 25, 2021 

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