Watch: Gymnast Aces Backflips In Saree; Takes Internet By Storm

 - Sakshi Post

Parul Arora, an Indian woman who has taken the internet by storm.

Where it is known that doing any physical activities in a saree is a difficult task, this Indian woman does backflips, high jumps, cartwheels and what not… all while gracing a saree. This Haryana based girl did not just grab the attention of people on social media, but even Bollywood celebrities, including Vidya Balan, were impressed by Parul’s talents.

In the video, what a viewer will notice is Parul doing flips effortlessly. But to reach this level of grace and ease, Parul did a lot of practice and mastered the routine.

Her videos are posted on Instagram and have garnered millions of views. She is making India proud. 

Check out Parul's vidoes Here:

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