Bollywood Leading Ladies Who Fell In Love With Criminals

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On the occasion of International Women's Day, let us talk about a few women who dared to love the unlawful. Hybristophilia - that's the word used for people who fall in love with lawbreakers. Throughout history, many gangsters and criminals have come and gone. While some hated them, some applauded their guts, and some fell madly in love with them. Love sure does not see any rhyme or reason. Some women loved these gangsters with their hearts and soul regardless of what they did.

Here are seven Bollywood beauties that fell in love with quintessential bad boys:

 Mandakini & Dawood Ibrahim

Mandakini made her debut as a 16-year-old in Bollywood. She was an instant hit and gained fame for the bold scenes in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. Though later maintained that they both were only friends, the duo was seen in the public together many a time. And they were rumored to be dating.

Nihita Biswas & Charles Shobhraj

Charles Shobhraj alias Bikini Killer claimed that it was love at first sight with Nepalese beauty Nihita. Both are said to have been married inside the prison in Kathmandu. Her mother is Charles's attorney. Nihita also appeared in the 5th season of Bigg Boss.

Monica Bedi & Abu Salem

Reports suggested that Abu Salem helped Monica get a decent break in showbiz. His stature as an underworld don was enough to convince the people. And Monica got the attention and the limelight she needed. The couple was arrested in 2002, in Portugal, for entering with forged documents. In 2010, however, Bedi's conviction was upheld. But, the jail time was considerably reduced to the amount already served. Salem was awarded life imprisonment in 2015.

Mamta Kulkarni & Vicky Goswami

After her stint in the Bollywood industry, Mamta Kulkarni eloped with Vikram Goswami, a big-time drug dealer, to live in Dubai about a decade ago. Both had converted to Islam and got married. The couple, however, was arrested in Kenya in 2014.

Sona & Haji Mastan

Haji Mastan was a mobster turned humanitarian, but a mobster nonetheless. Sona, a small-time actress, had a striking resemblance to Bollywood starlet Madhubala, and Haji Mastan was a big fan of her. Sona married the don soon after their first meeting, not by force but by choice.

Anita Ayub & Dawood Ibrahim

Anita Ayub was a model and a beauty pageant contestant. Reports circulated that when Bollywood producer Jawed Siddique turned down the offer to cast her in his movie, he was shot dead on Dawood's order. You don't mess with the don's woman.

Neha Sambari & Ankeet Chavan

Neha Sambari fell in love with ex-cricketer Ankeet Chavan, later arrested due to a spot-fixing scandal. Chavan got punished with a 7-year prison time. Neha, however, still married him before he was to go to prison. He has five years left on his sentence.

We all deserve love. And some of us are lucky to find it. These men and women did too. Regardless of the life, they led or atrocities they committed, they still had the chance to love. But crime always got the best of them.

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