AP CM YS Jagan's Cabinet Mark Of Social Justice And Empowerment Of Weaker Sections

AP CM YS Jagan's Cabinet Mark Of Social Justice And Political Equality Among Weaker Sections - Sakshi Post

By Kommineni Srinivasa Rao

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been ensuring that he makes his mark in whatever decision taken in the past three years. By making historical decisions he has set records and one can see a clear political strategy in these moves. He has given utmost priority to the weaker sections and sought to do social justice and political equality, thereby leading to them standing by his side.

This year YS Jagan kept his promise of a second cabinet expansion and gave eleven ministerial posts to BCs, five to the Scheduled Castes and one to the STs, and one to the minorities, marking the empowerment of the weaker sections. Out of a total of 25 ministerial posts, 17 are for the weaker sections translated to where 70 percent of the positions were held by them, which was never done in the past.

YS Jagan’s cabinet reshuffle was to give more confidence to the people of these weaker sections who were among the highest in number. Another key point is that only a few from the forward castes were given a place in the berth. The Reddy community got four ministerial posts and the Kapu community got four. With the Telugu Desam Party trying to give Jagan a tough competition with the Kamma and Kapu combination factor, YS Jagan seems to be strategically integrating the Kapu community along with the Reddy, BC, SC, ST and minority communities.

Not just them he has accommodated the upper caste communities in various roles equivalent to the Cabinet status even though they were not given a berth in the Ministry. From the Kamma community, he appointed Kodali Nani as the Chairman AP State Development Board Chairman which will be constituted soon. A person from the Vysya community, Kollugatla Veerabhadraswamy was appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the AP Assembly, Malladi Vishnu of the Brahmin caste as the AP Planning Board Vice-Chairman and a Kshatriya MLA M Prasad Raju as the Chief Whip was appointed while balancing the whole caste equation.

In the past, it was possible to give a few more ministerial posts. But with the Center enacting a law requiring only fifteen percent representation, the number in the AP was contained to 25.

YS Jagan while giving importance to the BC communities appointed Dharmana Prasada Rao, Seediri Appalaraju, Botsa Satyanarayana, Budi Muthyala Naidu, the Ch VenugopalaKrishna, Karumuri Nageswara Ro, Jogi Ramesh, Vidadala Rajani, Gummaluri Jayaram, and KV Usha Sricharan. This gave an opportunity to those of large castes in BC. Dharmana and Botsa are the senior-most leaders.  While Dharmana's brother Krishnadas was the Deputy Chief Minister till now, now his brother Prasad Rao, who had been a minister for three terms earlier was given a chance. Botsa Satyanarayana another senior leader was given a chance again but with a different portfolio.

Vidadala Rajani was the surprise factor, though there was some disagreement in the constituency over her appointment. Film actress turned politician Nagari MLA RK Roja’s dream of becoming a minister came true in the second rejig on par with a senior minister from the same region- Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy. She is also one of the star campaigners of the YSRCP.

Coming to the Nellore district, Kakani Govardhan Reddy was chosen as there was a void left after the death of Mekapati Goutham Reddy.  Peddireddy and Buggana Rajendranath getting the ministerial posts was expected. Peddireddy is a key leader in the party and the government, while Buggana who was the Finance Minister was retained for his thorough handing of the portfolio and his efforts to garner funding from the Centre which is now the need of the hour.

Four newcomers from the Kapu community was also a new decision. Though Ambati Rambabu was expected to become a minister in the first round, he got the opportunity now. He is known to have stood in support of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy after the 2009 aftermath and raised his voice and won recognition for his loyalty. This finally paid off and giving him the Ministership seemed to do him justice.

Tuni MLA Dadisetti Raja, Tadepalligudem MLA Kottu Satyanarayana, and Anakapalli MLA Gudivada Amarnath got ministerial posts for the first time. In the SC category, P Viswwaroop, Taneti Vanitha, Adimulapu Suresh, and K Narayana Swamy secured their positions, while Meruga Nagarjuna was the newly appointed one. P Rajannadora, a senior MLA from the ST was given a role, and Amjad Bhasha retained his post in the minorities segment.

In comparison to Chandrababu’s cabinet, the highest priority seems to be given to the weaker sections in YS Jagan’s list of the council of ministers. It may be recollected that the son of the TDP Araku MLA who was shot dead by the Naxals a few months prior to the elections, was given a minister’s post as an afterthought. Minorities were also been given ministerial posts at the last minute. There will be some dissatisfaction among those who aspired for ministerial positions and have not been given a berth. News has come that the followers of those MLAs in places like Macharla and Jaggayyapeta have staged protests in support of their leaders.

The same was the case with Chandrababu Naidu when he first formed his cabinet where KCR was not given any post. His followers staged protests at the Governor’s residence in the Raj Bhavan. All this is quite common in modern politics. There was no representation for STs and minorities in Naidu’s cabinet till 2018. At the fag end of the previous regime, ST and minorities were given ministerial berths following the resignation of two BJP ministers,

Broadly speaking, YS Jagan seems to have strategically set up the Cabinet in such a way as to further increase his hold on the weaker sections and also attract the Kapu community. The social equation adopted in the form of five deputy chief ministers will continue and key portfolios were allotted to SCs, STs, BCs, and minorities.

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