Why Did Saudi Netizens Troll Rana Ayyub: Things to Know

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Saudi Netizens attacked controversial journalist Rana Ayyub on Twitter yesterday after she sent a Tweet criticizing Saudi Arabia for beginning a military action against Yemen. She was charged with spreading false information and aiding terrorism.

Several Saudi Arabian Netizen criticized her Tweet and called out the 'Muslim journalist,' as she was vehemently dubbed by Pakistan, for propagating brazen lies and for being on common ground in not only their blind hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindus and India.

According to Saudi engineer Gassan, the military operations in Yemen were initiated as part of a coalition of over ten countries in response to a direct request from Yemen's legitimate government. "We support respectable causes, but you support terrorists," he continued. 

Rana Ayyub has faced a lot of backlashes for her latest deception, these types of retorts are nothing new for the controversial journalist, who is infamous for propagating outright lies under the guise of journalism. This Washington Post propagandist has done it all, from concealing horrible crimes committed by Muslim radicals against Hindus to creating incidents to build a Muslim victimhood narrative and circulating false information to damage the BJP leadership at the centre.

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