Why Did Haryana Minister Get Corona Even After Covaxin? Bharat Biotech Explains

 - Sakshi Post

Bharat Biotech has developed Covaxin which is a two-dose vaccine against coronavirus. The Hyderabad based vaccine developer and manufacturer Bharat Biotech has been working on this and have now entered the phase three of its trail.

For phase three of Covaxin trial, Haryana Health minister Anil Vij had volunteered. He was given first shot of the vaccine. Even after that, the Minister had tested positive for COVID-19. On Saturday, Bharat Biotech and Union Health Ministry gave clarification on this.

Union Health Ministry said that, "The antibodies against the infection build up in a human being only after a specific number of days pass after the second dose of the vaccine is taken, since this is a two-dose vaccine. The minister in question has taken only one dose of the vaccine.”

The volunteer Health minister Vij also confirmed that the antibodies will develop only after the second shot of the vaccine is given, which is 28 days later. During the time between the first and the second shot, a person has to be very careful. After the second shot is given, the two-dose process is completed and now the antibodies will fully develop within 14 days. In entirety it takes around 42 days to complete this process. He further added that he is experiencing fever and sore throat, but overall he is okay.

Bharat Biotech said that "The Phase-3 trials are double-blinded and randomized, we have 50% of participants/volunteers in the trial receiving vaccine and other 50% of the participants receiving placebo.” They are doing trials very carefully to ensure its efficiency for Indian population. 

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