Watch: Elephant Climbs A Tree To Pick A Jackfruit!

 - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: It is always interesting to look at elephants enjoying a mud bath, baby elephants playing with each other, and elephants doing some funny activities, etc, isn't it? A big yes. One can find a lot of videos related to elephants on the internet. Elephants not only tickle your funny bone with their hilarious activities but they also make your mouth agape with their smart activities.

A video of an elephant climbing a tree and plucking a jackfruit is going viral online. In the video, one can see the elephant trying to pick the jackfruit with the help of its trunk. It climbs halfway up the tree and plucks the jackfruit. An elephant can smell ripening jackfruits from quite a long distance. Here is the video, check it out.

The video has got 3.3K views and is loved by the netizens. Here are a few reactions from the Twitterati.

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