Uproar Over I am Ashamed of Hindu Remarks, Swara Bhasker Clarifies

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Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker gave clarifications on her "as a Hindu I'm ashamed" remark after Netizens fired her on Twitter. Bhasker released a statement on Twitter in which she said that Hinduism does not teach her to harass people of other faith.

“What my Hinduism does NOT teach me is to harass people of other faiths,” she wrote in the statement posted on Twitter.

“When I see some hooligans using my God's name while harassing people of other faiths who are peacefully trying to pray, it is an insult to my God and my Hinduism. I am ashamed of such people. I am ashamed as a Hindu, of the crimes they commit in the same of our Gods and our religion,” she said in the tweet.

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This is in regards to her tweet that she made on Friday after several videos went viral on social media where we can see few Hindu organizations disrupting the Muslim prayer (Namaz) in Gurugram's sector 12 and sector 47. They were going around chanting, “Jai Shri Ram” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai.”

Swara reacted to this and said, “As a Hindu I’m ashamed.” Few agreed with the actress and said that religious tolerance and understanding is what we need. We are a secular nation.

While many fired at her saying that her remark was insensitive. “What are you ashamed of? Religion should be practiced at home, not on roads blocking traffic and inconveniencing others. This does not even happen in UAE - no one blocks roads or traffic,” said a user on Twitter.

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