Take This Challenge To Win 7 Lakh Rupees!

 - Sakshi Post

Up until recently, Challenges with various names like Bucket Challenge, Pillow Challenge, and Flip Challenge went viral. There is a new challenge every other day going viral ever since the rise of social media.

Now, another new challenge has grabbed the attention of netizens. But wait till you hear this! You also could earn money in this challenge. This is not an easy challenge because you have to spend 30 seconds with big snakes in a tub. And there will be more than 30 snakes in a tub along with you.

Leading YouTuber Mr. Beast has embarked upon the mission to spread this challenge across the internet. If one spends 30 seconds in a bathtub with snakes, he will be rewarded with Rs 7 lakhs.

Apart from this, Mr. Beast also put the money in a glass box and put big cockroaches in it. Mr. Beast then asked his Sound guy from the crew to remove as much money from it as possible within 60 seconds. The trick is, the more money you take without touching them, the more you earn.

Mr. Beast has been hustling around on YouTube, throwing spiders on his body, leaving large numbers of rats in a secluded room, and lying in a tub with vegetable skins that are completely rotten and stinking. Videos of these adventures have created a sensation on social media.

The video, which Mr. Beast recently posted on YouTube, has received over two crore views. This latest video went completely viral on YouTube. His latest video has already received over 27 million views. However, those who are afraid of snakes should stay away from this challenge.

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