Solar Eclipse June 2021: Date, Time in India

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After the total lunar eclipse that happened on May 26, we will witness the solar eclipse on June 10. The solar eclipse or Surya Grahan takes place when the moon comes in between the sun and earth, blocking the sunlight from reaching the earth. This in turn casts a shadow on Earth.

On June 10, it will be the first solar eclipse of 2021 and the second eclipse overall. According to Indian time, the eclipse starts around 1:42 pm IST and ends at 6:41 pm. It will be the annual solar eclipse.

Among the three solar eclipses that are total, partial and annular, this time we will witness the annular one. Meaning the moon comes in between the sun and the earth and it is just enough to cover the centre part of the sun. This leaves the sun’s edges forming a ‘ring of fire’ that is visible.

Where will the Solar Eclipse be Visible?

According to, the annulus around the moon or the ‘Ring of Fire’ will be visible on June 10. It will be seen in Russia, northern Canada and Greenland. Also, Europe, North America, Asia, the Arctic, and Atlantic regions will be able to see the ring.

The magnitude of the Eclipse

Going by the data provided by, the solar eclipse on June 10 will be of 0.97 magnitude. It will be an annular eclipse and not a total solar eclipse as the moon’s shadow will be covering just 97% of the sun.

The ring of fire will be visible during this time. The duration of the annularity will be 3 minutes and 44 seconds. As advised, you must not see the eclipse with the naked eye. You must use protective glasses or a telescope.

Date: June 10

Timing: 1:42 pm to 6:41 pm IST

Magnitude: 0.97. Moon will cover only 97% of the sun

The second solar eclipse of the year will occur on December 4. It will be a total solar eclipse and also the last eclipse of 2021.

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