Oxford Languages: “Coronavirus” Becomes Most Used Noun In April

 - Sakshi Post

Earlier in November, it was revealed by Oxford Languages that the word Coronavirus, had become the most used word in English language in April 2020.

The Oxford Languages have an annual 'Word of the Year' theme where they reveal one particular word that was used the most in a particular year. It takes into consideration all the factors that will lead you to the word that saw a surge. This year, Coronavirus and the words related to it, were the most used in English language.

Lockdown, WFH (work from home), and other pandemic related words were also part of most people’s vocabulary. This year was completely different, language-wise. There were so many unusual words that became part of this year’s vocabulary when in general it would never have been used.

In 2020, the Oxford team saw unusual new words becoming part of the most frequently used words list. Had it been any other year, we would never come across these words. It is probably no surprise that with a year like 2020 that was filled with unpredictable events, unpredictable words as well became part of common language.

While the noun, “coronavirus” itself has its history way back from the 1960s, it was only used by scientists and medical experts. But by April of 2020, the word became most commonly and most frequently used by people. Now there are just too many words to choose from. Oxford Dictionary will have a tough time choosing, "Word Oof the Year." 

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