No More Surge Pricing On Uber, Ola during Rains

 - Sakshi Post

The ministry of road transport and highways issued certain new guidelines on Friday (27 Nov). It had laid down certain regulations for cab services like Ola and Uber. According to the framework, surge pricing should not go beyond 1.5 times the base fare. It is also up to these aggregators to charge 50 percent less than the base fare.

There was no limit on the price rise that happens during festivals or in general the prices going double or even triple. The prices will not rise during rains. The division of fare between the aggregator and the cab driver was fixed at a ratio of 80-20 percent. Meaning 80 percent of the earnings from each ride will go to the driver and 20 percent to the aggregator.

Also according to the guidelines by the central government a cancellation fee will be 10 percent. In any case it should not exceed 100 rupees. For further safety of women, If a female rider booking a pool cab wishes to ride only when other passengers are women too, there will be an option for that as well. 

Furthermore, there will guidelines for working hours of a driver not exceeding 12 hours. Also any data should not be stored on the server for more than 24 months at max. 

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