No Matter How Much We Try Some Food Products Will Remain Unhealthy: Nestle

 - Sakshi Post

In the latest report, it was confirmed that almost 60 per cent of Nestle products, be it food or drinks do not fall under the recognised health standards. Nestle SA said that they are now working on a portfolio to determine the nutrient level of their products.

The company shared that they will be working on a large-scale project. Under this all Nestle products and their health value, nutrition level will be asserted. The portfolio of each product will be seen to ensure that the items are good enough and meet the standards. Nestlé SA spokesperson said that they will look into the nutritional needs of the product.

It was the Financial Times that made a report on Nestle and how almost 60 per cent of their products do not meet the recognised nutrition standards. The mainstream food and drinks do not fall in the standards.

Nestle admitted to the fact that no matter what, some of their products will never be healthy. No matter how many changes they make, it is not going to make any difference as these products will never become healthy. “More than 60 per cent of its mainstream food and drink products do not meet the recognised definition of health,” read the report by FT.

According to a report that circulated earlier this year, only 37 per cent of total Nestle products rate above 3.5 in Australia’s health star rating system.

"In its overall food and drink collection, about 70 per cent of Nestlé’s food products do not meet that edge, the presentation confirmed, along with 96 per cent of beverages; excluding pure coffee -- and 99 per cent of Nestlé’s confectionery and ice cream portfolio,” it added.

One of the most famous products under Nestle is Maggi. They are currently working to ensure that the products support and help people with certain nutritional values.

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