MMTS Fare To Reduce By 50 per cent

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HYDERABAD: The MMTS (Multi-Model Transport System) fare is set to reduce by 50% from May 5 for the first-class single journey passengers. 

The first-class base fares for single journey for the passengers travelling in the MMTS trains over sub-urban sections are being reduced after a decision taken by the Ministry of Railways to rationalise the basic fares of first-class in the suburban train services with effect from May 5.

Currently, 86 services are being operated across a stretch of 50 km spread over the sections of Falaknuma-Secunderabad-Hyderabad-Begumpet-Lingampalli-Telapur-Ramchandrapuram covering 29 Railway stations.

The services have been planned to cater to the travel needs of passengers duly taking into account the peak hour traffic across different stations of the MMTS section. Reduction of the fare will further benefit passengers by making available a fast and cheap transport means for the sub-urban passengers, Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager (In-Charge), SCR said while appealing to the passenger to avail of this benefit.

Reduced fares in MMTS first-class (effective May 5):

Distance Slab (in km)          Existing Fare                  From May 5
1 – 10                                          Rs 50                          Rs 25
11 – 15                                        Rs 65                          Rs 35
16 – 25                                        Rs 100                        Rs 55
26 – 35                                        Rs 145                        Rs 85
36-45                                           Rs 155                        Rs 90

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