May Day 2021: Significance, History, Rights of Working Class 

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International Labour Day or May Day is observed on May 1 every year in many parts of the world. On this day, the achievements of labourers in many countries including India, and their contribution to the development of the country are honoured. This day is a holiday in many countries of the world. On this occasion, people associated with trade unions organize rallies and meetings and also raise voices for their rights, however, because of the pandemic such events will not be held.

Earlier, the condition of Labourers was very bad. They had to work very hard for around 15 hours a day. They suffered injuries at the workplace and many workers lost their lives. Despite their hard work, they used to get very low wages. The labour union raised its voice against the government. They formed protests and fought for their rights after which 8 hours of work was fixed for labourers. So, Labour Day originated from this movement. However, there is a different story for different countries.

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May day / Labour Day is celebrated in remembrance of the 1886 Haymarket Riots in Chicago in the US, when a labour protest rally turned violent after someone threw a bomb at the police. That affair led to the death of at least 38 civilians and 7 police officers. Those who died due to the clash were hailed as "Haymarket Martyrs".

Labour Day commemorates past labour struggles against workers’ rights violations, including lengthy workdays and weeks, poor work conditions and child labour. In dozens of countries, May Day is an official holiday. In the US and Canada, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

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