Lunar Eclipse 2020: Information You Need To Know

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This year the lunar eclipse will take place on November 30th. This will be the final lunar eclipse of the year. Known as Chandra Grahan in Hindi, this eclipse falls on the same day as Kartik Purnima. Out of the three types of lunar eclipses, this time a penumbral eclipse will occur.

These are some facts and information about the eclipse that you need to know:

  • According to the Indian standard Time, the eclipse will take place from 1:04 pm to 5:22 pm.
  • We cannot see it from India. It will be mostly visible in parts of Europe and America.
  • This year we had four penumbral lunar eclipses.
  • The earth will cast itself between sun and the moon blocking the sunrays from reaching the moon and therefore creating a shadow. 
  • In many places around the world, this eclipse is being called the Beaver moon eclipse.

The eclipse is being referred to as Beaver moon because it is the Beaver catching season in North America. The first full moon of November is also called 'Beaver Moon' as in this season the Beavers will start settling in their lodges. Also hunters lay the traps in order to catch the beavers for their fur. Hence the eclipse occuring on Monday (30 Nov) is also being called the 'Beaver Moon Eclipse.'

If you wish to follow “Sutak” (period of non-participation), then it will start some hours before 1:00pm. According to Hindu beliefs, people do not do anything auspicious during the eclipse hours. They do not eat anything either.

On December 14, we will experience the last solar eclipse and the next of the Lunar eclipse will be on May 26, 2021.

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