Internet's Blue-Eyed Boy Turns A Chaiwala

 - Sakshi Post

Remember the Pakistani chaiwala who took the Internet by storm sometime ago with his drop dead good looks and the deep blue eyes? Some time ago, this chaiwala, who vended tea in a roadside kiosk, became an overnight sensation because of his looks. The blue eyed man, identified as Arshad Khan, was praised for his looks and many said he looked more handsome than some of the best known film stars in Pakistan.

The clicks of this chaiwala by photographer Jiah Ali have made him an overnight celebrity. The pics have been shared and reshared across the world.

Soon after that, he even landed in a modelling contract and modelled for some famous Pakistani brands. But, later, he was back to the business of making and selling tea. Many people came forward to help him financially so that he could stand on his own.

Now the latest is that Arshad Khan has started his own cafeteria in Islamabad. The cafe is being titled Cafe Rooftop Chaiwala. He says he was asked by many to remove the word  Chaiwala from his cafe’s name, but he refused to do so. He said that Chaiwala is his identity and he cannot forget this. The cafe will have an ethnic environment with a typical desi look.

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