India's Labour Ministry Has New Rules For Working Hours, Know More

 - Sakshi Post

The draft rules for Occupational Safety, Health and Working conditions (OSH) was passed earlier this year. The proposal was to have 12 working hours in a day. This will also include the intervals and breaks. The entire week’s working hours cannot exceed 48 hours and should include at least one day off.

Necessary changes will be made as the OSH code that is provided by parliament has made provisions for a maximum of eight working hours in a day. Senior Labour ministry official said that this decision has been made keeping in mind climate change and also that the person’s work is divided well, throughout the day. The workers will also have the opportunity to make extra money through this overtime work. All the required adjustments have been made in the draft rules so as to assure that worker’s providing service beyond the eight hours mark, should be paid accordingly.

As per the existing framework, a person has to work for at least extra 30 minutes for it to be tagged as working overtime.  But as per the new OSH draft, it has proposed that anytime between 15-30 minutes shall be counted as overtime.

No worker should be made to work for more than 48 hours. A week’s limit is set at 48 hours with not more than 12 hours in a day. The day should be divided well enough that with all the work, breaks and intervals included, it should not go beyond 12 hours. 

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